Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice

Although I am in no way an expert, I am very interested in juicing and reading up on it as much as I can as well as making various juices at home. First of all, I think it’s fabulous because you are eating perfect, live, RAW food! It’s like concentrating VIDA (life) and putting it directly into your system. You can almost taste the pure life in the juice. You have vitamins, enzymes, chlorophyll in all its fresh goodness. One fresh juice gives you what one would have to eat pounds or kilos of veggies or fruits to receive. It’s a fast and easy way to get tons of nutrients inside the body.

I have read that it is best to vary your juice mixtures rather than drink the same juices daily. Not only do juices have an effect on health and energy but also my favorite bonus, they make you look better. They also have a detoxifying effect.
I have been reading up on the raw food diet. Although this food is delicious and healthy, living in Argentina it’s not easy to come by as dehydrators are extremely expensive and hard to come by. These are imperative in preparing many of the delicious raw food recipes. In discovering raw foods, I have discovered the many benefits of juicing which anybody can do. Juicers are not hard to come by or terribly expensive.

You can add bee pollen, aloe Vera juice and a variety of additional ingredients if you wish depending on your needs.
Here is a description of a few of the benefits of some of the ingredients or aspects of individual juices as well as some popular recipes contain. I will add a few links to some websites that have inspired me as well.

• Most juices are Alkaline. Alkaline rich foods increase the levels of oxygen our blood takes in. Not taking enough oxygen in leads to many common illnesses. Acid foods are what most people eat too much of, such as sugar, chips, unhealthy things…
• Carrot juice provides vitamins A,B, E including minerals such as calcium. This would be great for pregnant and nursing mothers, eyesight, bones/teeth, liver, nails, skin and hair as well as aiding in breast and skin cancer prevention.

A word about Beets for my husband Sebastian as this is his favorite ingredient to use in juices.

Beet Juice

Beet Juice

Beets have many benefits to the body. It is claimed they have the ability to:

• clean and build the blood
• lower blood pressure
• improve circulation
• calm the nerves
• improve the health of the liver, kidneys, and bladder
• clean the intestines
• fight cancer
• improve menstrual problems
• cure anemia

Not only are raw beets a beautiful color, but they are also packed with nutrients.


  • Beetroots are a good source of folic acid and vitamin C, plus they contain small amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B3, and vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene.
  • Minerals
  • Rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and sodium. Plus smaller amounts of iron, zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium.
  • Amino Acids
  • While raw beets are mostly water and carbohydrate they also contain small amounts of all the amino acids (protein).


Carrot, Beet, Celery, Apple, & Spirulina

Carrot, Beet, Celery, Apple, & Spirulina

Beet Juice with Carrot, Apple and Celery (spirulina optional)


• 1 small beetroot (the small ones are sweeter!)
• 2 large carrots
• 1 stalk of celery
• 1 apple


1. Wash the vegetables using water and a stiff vegetable brush.
2. Remove the carrot and beetroot tops, and peel the beetroot if its skin is tough. If it has a nice thin skin then just cut off the top.
3. Slice up the vegetables to fit your juicer.
4. Juice and serve.

The green beetroot tops are edible, rich in beta-carotene, and can also be juiced. These beautiful greens are also delicious in salads. I always try to buy my beets with the greens, organically.

Alkaline Juice

– 1 cup of spinach
– 1/2 cucumber
– 2 stalks of celery including leaves
– 3 carrots
– 1/2 apple

Juicing Tip: Juice cucumbers with their skins on. The dark green skin is a great source of chlorophyll, a phytochemical that can help build red blood cells. Make sure to wash them before juicing.

Tomato Juice


3 cups chopped tomatoes
1 stalk celery
1 cucumber
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
cayenne pepper
Juice the tomatoes, celery, cucumber in your juicer.
Salt, pepper and cayenne pepper to taste.
If you like you can also add a 1/4 onion, fresh oregano and basil and red bell pepper

Spinach Juice

This juice recipe is perfect for starters of veggie juicing. It’s soft and sweet. Very tasty. Not bitter or strong at all.


1 bunch spinach
2 apples
1/2 lemon, peeled (optional)
Put all ingredients in your juicer.
Mix well and enjoy.
Carrot Juice
1 lbs. large carrots (washed and peeled)
1/2 lemon (peeled)
few green leafs such as red lettuce or carrot greens
1 apple

Alkaline Foods

Alkaline Foods


Put all ingredients in your juicer. Mix. Drink immediately.




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